Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Everybody fears dying. Especially when you’re young. You think I have so much ahead of me in life. So much waiting. I can’t die. They are morbid thoughts, but I don’t think there is anybody out there hasn’t thought about dying. It’s scary. Another scary aspect is that it could be any day, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Now, all that is normal, but waking up to the same morning of the day you died, eh, I just don’t find very normal.

That’s what happens to Samantha Kingston-popular, pretty-Samantha Kingston is at the top of the food chain. She loses everything when she dies, as most people do. Waking up again to the day she died, well, she thinks she’s going crazy. You or I probably would think that too. Then, it happens again, and again. And as you or I also probably would do, she tries to save herself. She tries to avoid it, but she can’t. She has to figure out why this is happening to her, and whether Sam herself is who she’s meant to save.

This book takes you on an emotional adventure. Yes, there is the humor.
The heart-wrenching sadness
So yes, it’s sad, and if you don’t like sad, you might think that you shouldn’t read this. But, oh no, you should.

I immediately thought, when I read the overview thing, that the whole plot was laid out and that there couldn’t be much more. But there is. Like I said, this book has depth. If you can’t handle depth, don’t read it. This is not a light read. It is there if you wish to experience something more than a dumb little story. I loved this book. Whether you are a sad book person or not, I say: TRY IT.

So out of 5 faces, this books gets….



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