Switched by Amanda Hocking

Switched (Trylle Trilogy, #1)


I don’t know about you guys, but when I hear the word “trolls,” I think about these guys:

Now maybe that’s just me, but it’s true.

So when I read Switched, and the main character Wendy finds out that she’s a troll, I was like:

I’m sorry, what? A troll? This doesn’t seem right. I eventually got used to the idea, and I didn’t think of this:

every time Wendy, or any other troll for that matter, talked or did anything.

I’m jumping ahead though, so rewinding…

When Wendy was six years old, her mother tried to kill her. Call it motherly instinct, or whatever you want, but somehow, Wendy’s mother knew she wasn’t her child. She thought Wendy was a monster. Her mother was put in a mental hospital.

Wendy always thought her mother was the problem. She of course felt terrible about what happened, but she didn’t really think she was a monster. She knew she didn’t fit in. She knew she never had friends. She knew she kept getting kicked out of schools. She knew she had to stop disappointing her brother and her aunt, who always loved her, no matter what she did or how she acted.

Everything she knows starts to come apart because of  Finn, a mysterious guy who she starts to like more and more.

That’s when we get back to the beginning. She learns she is a troll, and she was a changeling who was switched at birth. Finn had come to take her back where she belongs.

So when she gets there, she is confused. No one will tell her anything. She doesn’t realize why she has to be protected so heavily. And she can’t figure out what to do with Finn.

This book was really good. I am really glad I read it. I think it’s worth the read and I am waiting right now to get the third one. I am pretty excited for it. I think Wendy is easy to relate to. The story has it’s twists and turns, not totally predictable, but yet, predictable.

I really enjoyed Switched, and would recommend it to girls who like fantasy and romance, because romance is a big part of this series.

So out of 5 faces…this book gets….



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