Beauty and the Beast

So again, not a book, but still. I wanted to write about this movie because something seemed off for me. And the only way to get it out is to write about it.



I had to say that, even if it’s quite obvious what happens in this movie. You can pretty much figure it out by watching the trailer.

So if you don’t know what happens (unless you don’t care), don’t read this.

So I’m gonna start now.

The thing about this movie that I don’t like is that personally, the main dude, aka the beast, doesn’t even learns his lesson.

He had to live alone as a beast for I don’t know how long, that’s all.

And I didn’t even find that beast ugly. For a beast, he was pretty pleasant looking.

I mean, he even ended up with the prettiest girl in the town. So, what’s the lesson he learned? What’s the lesson all the little children learned?

Even if you’re an ugly beastie, you can still be with a pretty girl and then you can be a pretty human again.

The witch woman thing should’ve made him have to fall in love with someone ugly. Then he would’ve learned his lesson that looks aren’t everything.

I mean, he realized that there are people who judge for character, not looks, but it’s not like he had to do that himself. Belle was the one who had to fall in love with something “ugly.”

The only thing that would’ve kept me from falling in love with the beast is the fact that…


I don’t know,


I don’t know about you guys, but I just don’t find love between humans and animals normal. I don’t mean love like an owner loves his dog, I mean love like “Let’s get married and live happily ever after!”

That just doesn’t happen with animals.

It’s just…hmm..

Um, yes?

Ah, thank you. Yes, it’s impossibru!

So yeah. I mean, it’s not cause he’s ugly.

Let’s compare a few beasts to this beast.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but that is some pretty legitimate ugly beasting.

This is NOT an ugly beast

They should’ve made him look like one of those ugly beasties instead of that.

So the movie shows Belle is the one who judges by character.









Good for Belle!

But that beast didn’t learn a THING.

He still got the pretty lady. And he got to be his pretty self again.

So yes, there was me ranting.

Hope you enjoyed.


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