Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

This is another one of those books where their situation is just amazing.

I mean, Jessica Darling’s best friend (and sort of only friend) moves away. Her “friends” at school are brats with nothing in between their ears. Her sister Bethany is another brainless brat, who’s getting married. Her mom is obsessed with her sister’s wedding, and her dad is obsessed with her track meets. Jessica feels like they keep wanting her to be someone she’s not. Her dad wants her to be his son that never lived. And once Bethany gets married, she never comes home to visit. That means Jessica’s mom wants Jessica to be the new Bethany, but she couldn’t be more different from her sister.

Then the romance…

Well, there’s Scotty. Ever since she broke up with him in 8th grade, he always wanted to get back together with her. But she never wanted to get back with him. At all.

Then there’s Marcus. Marcus is complicated, and their relationship is complicated. I’m guessing if you told the Jessica at the beginning of the book that she would end up falling for Marcus Flutie, well, she might spit in your drink. But people change. Or their opinions do. Whatever.

So point is, her life is “oh so dramatic.”

Now, the way that sounds, you would think that I am annoyed with the drama. But she’s actually a lot like me. She tries not to gag when she sits with girls whose conversations are either about shoes, shopping, boys, gossip, magazines, models, or boys.

Her humor and sarcasm are like mine, so I felt like I could relate. But the major differences between us are that first, I’m from a very stable family (she’s not), I’m more ready to give people second chances (she’s not), and I am definitely not as depressed as she is (she’s very depressed).

And her life is WAY more dramatic than mine. I don’t get mixed up in the groups that she’s in. Her school is separated into cliques. She’s kind of in the middle of the popular chain. (It’s confusing) I’d be sitting with the “IQ’s” who are pretty much the smart people who go to school to get into colleges. Really good colleges. She would fit in with their group well though, considering she’s very smart.

Ok, so you get what the book’s about. It’s pretty much her diary. If I could stand writing with a pen and paper, I might have a diary like hers. But it’s so much easier to type. So I type.

This book was entertaining, I suppose. I might continue on in the series. Just because of Marcus, but I don’t know. I guess I liked this book, but it wasn’t amazing.

So I’m going to rate this book,

out of five faces…



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