Fated by Alyson Noel

So I have no idea how to do the dot thing to the “e” in her name. So, her name is not legit up there ^

Oh well, so on to the review.

Daire lives with her mom. But, not really. Because it’s not what it sounds like. She doesn’t really live anywhere. Her Mom’s a professional makeup artist. She’s spent her whole life moving from place to place for her Mom’s job. So that could explain why her mom blames everything weird that happens to Daire on the jetlag. And sometimes she’s right.

But not this time.

Crows chase Daire. Time freezes suddenly. Ghosts stalk her. This has nothing to do with jetlag. They all label her as crazy. They want to send her off to a ward. All she would have to do is admit that her visions are delusional. But she won’t admit it, because it’s not true. They are real, and she’s not delusional. It seems her grandma is the only one who knows she’s not.

When she’s sent to live with her Grandma, she’s set on escaping. Little does she know, she might eventually have to fight to stay. (Oh, what’s that? Seems like foreshadowing! Ooooh)

So her grandma knows what she really is…

ready for this?


Well, she’s a…


What? I’m serious.

Ugh. Trust me. I know it sounds stupid. Just, just, bare with me for a second.

Grrr. OK. So, a soul seeker. You know those ghosts? Well they’re actually her family. And they’re dead. Not like that was obvious or anything. You know, considering they’re ghosts. So she has to go through intense journeys to…well, I’m not sure exactly. Some crap like “her meaning” or something. I don’t really know. Some weird we are all connected by energy,
hakuna matata, kumbaya, jambalaya crap.

(Um, isn’t jumbalaya shrimp?)

Oooom, we are all connected. Oooooommm. You must find your destiny…Ooooommm. Now go into a cave, and find yourself…Ooommm. Call your ancestors to yourself…Oooommm..You are magick…Oooomm…

Oh, don’t forget the romance!

Daire’s been having these dreams about this guy. Crystal blue eyes, dark black hair, he’s apparently gorgeous. But then along comes his evil clone. Well, really his twin. But still evil. The dream starts out pretty awesome,

But then they’re torn apart by his evil twin. And then the evil twin threatens to steal Daire’s soul, but the good twin won’t let him. So the evil twin steals the good twin’s soul. The dream ends with her crying with his dead body in her arms.

Great dream, great dream.

So then, she meets the twins from her dream. She feels an “irresistable pull” for one of them. So, hmmm, let’s see if you can guess what happens with them by the end of the book.

So there you go. The book was pretty good. I mean, I enjoyed it. I obviously wasn’t a big fan of the whole mystical stuff. That was kinda cheesy. Plus, the Immortal Series she already wrote was kind of the same thing. Maybe even worse. It depends on how much more mystical it can get. We’ll see.

Yeah, I guess I will continue on with the series. I’m not gonna be racing to the book store to get it though. I might buy it on my NOOK, or I might just wait until I can rent it at the library.

So, out of five faces.

This review gets…



2 thoughts on “Fated by Alyson Noel

    1. Well, I thought it was OK. Not amazing. Not my favorite book. That’s a three for me…and three isn’t bad. It just doesn’t deserve a 4 or 5 in my opinion.

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