The Hunger Pains by Harvard Lampoon

The Hunger Pains: A Parody

Some people might say:

“Real Hunger Games fans wouldn’t like anything that made fun of the real books!”


“You can’t call yourself a real HG fan if you like this!”

And I say:

Because to keep from getting sued, I’m guessing Harvard Lampoon had to go to Suzanne Collins and get permission to write this book. Which means, she’s cool with it. So, why can’t we be?

And if he didn’t go get permission, I’m guessing she would be mad and do something about it.

So if Suzanne Collins is OK with it, then who has the right to say “People who liked this book are not true fans!”?

That’s my argument. And anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE Hunger Games fan. And I mean HUGE. I don’t judge how big a fan is depending on how many posters or material items they have of The Hunger Games. Even though I do have a poster, all three books, and a journal. I say I’m a fan because I LOVE the books. And if you can pick a favorite series out of hundreds of books, I’d say that means they have to be some really good books.

So, this book is extremely funny. But if you haven’t read The Hunger Games, don’t bother. It’s not like you’d be confused, this could be a book without the real ones existing, it’s just that you wouldn’t find it nearly as funny. It would be like you were reading a book of inside jokes. For example: in this book, Prin (short for Princess), pretty much hates her sister, Kantkiss Neverclean. Like when Prin was saying goodbye to Kantkiss before she left to go to the Games, this was the dialogue:

Kantniss: I love you, Prin.

Prin: Just shut up.

(Kantkiss hugs Prin. Prin pushes her away)

Prin: Can we go now?

I laughed when I read “Just shut up” because it’s so unlike Prim to say that. In the real books, Prim is a sweet loving girl who loves her sister to no end. Someone who hadn’t read the books wouldn’t find that as funny. They wouldn’t really get it. And also, her mom is a gigantic fan of the Games too. At one point, when the girls are all playing nose-goes to see who’s going to the Games, Kantkiss says she can hear her Mom blowing a horn. While in the book, her mom is an empty shell. The differences and the jokes are very funny. This is a huge laugh-out-loud kind of book.

Kantkiss is a moron, Pita is a fat little boy who has to take breaks walking up the four steps to the stage, Carol Handsomestein is Kantkiss’ best friend, and Prin is a brat who hates her sister.

Pita is always carrying bread. Instead of wiping his pathetic little tears with a tissue, he used his bagette. With the legit HG, I am Team Peeta. But in this book, I am DEFINITELY Team Carol. It’s really funny though, because Harvard makes fun of the fact that Gale is used more as a girl’s name. So he renamed Gale’s character as Carol. This was my favorite part in the beginning:

I hear a twig snap a few feet away.

“Think fast!” a voice yells. My head turns just as an arrow whizzes past my face and lodges in the tree next to my head.

It’s Carol

“No, you think fast!” I say, and stab him in the leg. He pulls out the knife and we laugh so much.

“Nice one, Catpiss,” he says.

Yes, Catpiss instead of Catnip.

I loved this book. It was intensely funny. It’s definitely a good laugh. So, if you want to read this, read the books first. And don’t just watch the movie, because the movie doesn’t mention everything that happens in the book. Movies never do. So read The Hunger Games, then you can read The Hunger Pains.

So to all you who say that I’m not a real fan because I liked these books:

So I’m going to rate this book, as I usually do.

Out of five faces, this book gets…



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