Entwined by Heather Dixon

Azalea is the eldest of 12 sisters. Their Father is the King. Their mother is the Queen.

That makes them princesses.

Azalea is in charge of the ball this year because of her mother’s ill health, but sadly, the ball is cut short by her mother’s death. The girls are devastated. Their mother was the one parent they were all close to. Their father is about as warm as an icicle. Now, Azalea is all they have to look up to. And as is custom in their kingdom, they must go into mourning. Mourning rules are very strict. They aren’t allowed to go outside for a whole year. Their entire wardrobe is dyed black. No balls. No fun things. But most of all,

That might not sound too bad, but dancing is the princesses favorite thing to do. Azalea has to keep the princesses in order, but when their ages range from months old to 16, it’s almost impossible. So when she finds a secret passageway leading to an enchanted silver forest and the Keeper invites her to bring her sisters each night to dance, she excitedly obliges. It’s innocent at first, but then things change. There’s a reason he’s called the Keeper. Things aren’t as they seem. That’s where you get the title of the book. The sisters are entwined in his sticky web, but Azalea is the only one who knows.

This book was creepy. Enchanting. Written extremely well. It was like a magical ride in Disney world. But more intense. This isn’t exactly a book you would want to read to three-year-olds. Something about the Keeper was off for me from the beginning, so when he turned out to be evil I was like: HAHA I KNEW IT SUCKERS. It was a smart novel, like John Green’s novels. It was interesting. Very interesting. I don’t think I’ll ever read a book like it again. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the fact it took me a couple tries to really get into it. It started off kind of slow for me.

And even though everyone says “Entwined was romantic,” it wasn’t even romantic until the last 15 pages. And they…wait for this…blushed, and….kissed! Once! SO romantic! Am I right? I didn’t read this for the romance, but I’m just warning you, don’t read it for the romance. Read it for the magical adventure. You probably won’t be on one like that ever again.

So I’m going to rate this out of five faces. (No really)

And my rating is….



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