Love Triangles

No, this is not a post where I’ll complain about love triangles, because, if you’ve read most of the reviews on this blog, you would already know I absolutely HATE love triangles. Yes, this is a post assessing love triangles. That sounds weird. I don’t know how to explain what I’m doing. I’m making my own kind of essay on love triangles. GR, I don’t know. Just read. If you want to. I’m not forcing you to. Ok, I’m shutting up now and starting.

Let’s begin with the love triangle like the one in Clockwork Angel which is an excellent one to start with considering tons of books have the same kind of love triangle.

So, in these love triangles, there is a hot bad boy jerk and a sweet handsome lad. (Lad? Did I really just say that?)

I know everyone’s question is “why would she fall in love with a jerk like that?” And I think I have the answer. I could be wrong, but this is my theory. Look at it this way:  There’s this really hot guy, and usually he’s the one who saves her life. So that wins some major points, but he’s still a jerk. He’s such a jerk that when he opens the door for her to go in front of him, it feels like he laid himself down in a puddle so she can step across without getting wet. Then when he says something abrupt about how pretty she is, it feels like he just confessed he was in love with her (and I know that he usually is, but still, he didn’t even say it). So a couple more of those unjerkish mannerisms and…BAM she’s in love. She’s so used to him acting like a jerk that when he does something nice (something the other boy does all the time), it makes a huge impression. So yeah, it sucks. Because the other sweet boy does so much more. Opens the door every time, compliments her all the time, smiles at her all the time, tries to keep her happy, but it only feels like what it is, because she’s so used to it. So she usually falls for bad boy first and slowly falls in love with sweet boy. Then she decides she’s happier with sweet boy and tries to forget about bad boy, but she can’t. That’s when there are a couple things that can happen. It could either be that:

1. She trains herself to hate and forget bad boy. Tries to convince herself she doesn’t love him, that he’d be bad for her. Then she tries to take things fast with sweet boy like get engaged or do something rash to try to forget about bad boy. So sadly, the sweet boy is being used so she can forget about bad boy (which NEVER works), but he thinks she’s just intensely in love with him. She eventually realizes that she’s using him and then she either dumps him and says he’ll be happier with someone else who can love him more or stays anyway (that would be if she were a selfish jerk). Because in the long run, she doesn’t love him nearly as much as he loves her. Then she either ends up with bad boy or she lives alone and dies alone (which would be a stupid decision, since she loves bad boy and he loves her).


2. She realizes right away that bad boy would make her happier and that she can’t be what sweet boy deserves so she dumps sweet boy telling him he deserves better and runs off to bad boy. They get married and live happily ever after.


3. One of them dies. Then she either decides that the dude would have wanted her to be happy and gets with the one who lives, or (because she’s stupid), she lives alone and dies alone.

Now it sucks, but I am usually team bad boy, because he ends up being funnier, sweet (not sweeter, just sweet), and a perfect match for the girl. So that’s why I’m team Will in Clockwork Prince. Except if you read the books, you’d know there’s a reason he’s a jerk. See, Jem is the sweet handsome lad, and lots of people want him to be with Tessa, but it honestly wouldn’t be fair for him. He deserves someone who loves him and only him.

Moving on to the next kind of triangle. This one is like the one in Born at Midnight. In this one, boy one is a dangerous, mysterious, hot bad boy (and the sometimes have a weird past) and boy two is  gorgeous, sweet, witty, alluring, and irresistible.

The girl usually likes dangerous boy because she’s so used to following the rules, she wants to try being a tough bad girl. Then she falls in love with the gorgeous, sweet, witty, alluring, irresistible boy because he’s gorgeous, sweet, witty, alluring, and irresistible. So what usually happens in love triangles like these is the girl usually uses sweet boy as a distraction or just to decide who she likes more. Then she realizes what she’s doing, because he tells her she is. So she decides to forget about him because he deserves better and tries to go to dangerous boy. But unlike Clockwork Angel, this dude is a lot stronger and so he doesn’t give up on her. He decides to lay out his cards and then she can pick between the two. He goes up to her, and drops the bomb. He tells her he’s in love with her and that he thought she should know. She’s shocked (because she’s an insecure idiot who can’t read the signs), and freaks out. Then the dangerous boy senses something, and gets possessive. Then it goes one of four ways:

1. She realizes that she loves sweet boy and breaks up with dangerous boy because she just isn’t a bad girl.


2. She realizes what he said scared the crap out of her so she rejects him for like the 100th time and ends up with dangerous boy. (That’s pretty unlikely)


3. Sweet boy falls in love with other girl ( EXTREMELY unlikely) and she feels really hurt but decides that it makes her decision easier. She ends up with dangerous boy.


4. One of them dies. Then she either decides that the dude would have wanted her to be happy and gets with the one who lives, or (because she’s stupid), she lives alone and dies alone.

I’m team sweet boy on this one, because usually the dangerous one is WAY too possessive. That’s why I’m team Derek in Born at Midnight.

The next kind of love triangle is like the one in The Hunger Games. Boy one is a childhood friend. He’s like a Ken Barbie Doll. He’s tall, dark, and handsome. Girl never imagined she would end up liking him. Boy two is like Jem in Clockwork Angel. He’s sweet, handsome (not as handsome as Ken), strong, and artistic. Girl would never have really met sweet boy until they go through some life changing obstacle together. What happens is the whole time she doesn’t realize Ken is in love with her, but she knows sweet boy is. When life changing obstacle is over, Ken eventually tells her he’s in love with her. That’s when she’s all like: CRAP. Then it can go one of a few ways:

1. Ken gets annoyed at her indecision and the fact she’s with sweet boy a lot, so he finds someone else.


2. Sweet boy never gives up on her. Tells her he’s the only reason he wants to live. Girl ends up with him.


3. Sweet boy realizes girl is jerk and ditches her (really unlikely).


4. One of them dies. Then she either decides that the dude would have wanted her to be happy and gets with the one who lives, or (because she’s stupid), she lives alone and dies alone.

I was team Peeta (sweet boy) in The Hunger Games, but since I can’t really find anything wrong with Ken, in other books with love triangles like this, my team could be different.

This next love triangle is what could happen in the Divergent series. It’s possible. Or, if you flip the boy’s personalities, it could be what happens in the Delirium series. (Except in the Delirium series, she’s hesitant to be a couple with anyone at all at first)

So boy one: Pretty awesome. They have a cool story. He’s attractive, sweet, funny, pretty much an all-around great guy.

They become a couple

Then in the middle of the relationship, something happens that separates them. It could be they’re having relationship problems or that they are physically separated. Enter boy two.

Boy two is cunning. He’s sweet. He sweeps her off her feet. He’s like a sly, charming Prince Charming. She resists cause she’s got a boy already, but not really sure where he is or what’s going on (or not sure what status their relationship is at the current time). But she eventually succumbs and finds herself with another boyfriend. She stops worrying about the old boy.Then, BAM he shows up as faithful as ever wanting to get back together (well, in once case they aren’t really broken up, so he assumes they’re still together). That’s the OH CRAP moment. Then it can end a couple of different ways:

1. Old boy breaks up with her because he’s hurt (he has all the right in the world to be) and they forget about each other.


2. New boy breaks up with her because he didn’t know about old boy. New boy is mad too, and leaves her. She dies alone.


3. Both of them fight for her anyways and either one could win. It depends on the girl.


4. One of them dies. Then she either decides that the dude would have wanted her to be happy and gets with the one who lives, or (because she’s stupid), she lives alone and dies alone.

Now, I am 99% sure that in every love triangle like that I would be team boy number one. It’s just unfair to hook up with someone when they’re gone. That’s called cheating. Although some cases are special. You can’t always blame the girl. But boy one deserves the girl. Whatever. Point is, she was with him first. He should be with her.

So yes. I hope you enjoyed my essay of love triangles.

Now whatever happens, I always want her to be with someone. It would suck to be forever alone.

But look at this song. It tells you the truth about the whole jerk sweet boy thing.

I love this song by the way. (I know all the words. Just thought I’d let you know)

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