Geek Charming by Robin Palmer

Geek Charming

So there’s a girl: Dylan Shoenfield. She’s the definition of brat. And not even a realistic brat, but we’ll get into that later. So when she drops her oh-so-designer-and-expensive purse in a fountain, it’s the end of the world.

OMG, like seriously. My bag! OMG, like totally. My bag! OMG, this can NOT be, like, happening right now! No way! Nuh-uh!

Then she calls this asthmatic geek over, and is all like: OMG, get my bag from the, like, fountain. Puh-leeze!

Then he’s all like: But I have asthma!

And she’s all like: Uuummm, exca-use me! Do you think I like, care?

And he’s all like: Fine, but you owe me.

And she’s all like: Whatever, just get the baaag!

Then he jumps into the fountain and after failing for a bit, he finally gets the bag. So of course her being a diva means that she didn’t plan on owing him anything. But he wanted her to star  in his documentary film about popular people. That’s the basic plot. Then there’s all this drama, being expected from a spoiled ungrateful brat. The whole time you’re all like: Come on people, someone needs to slap that girl into reality.

If she hasn’t noticed, no one acts like that in really life.


Excuse me, but, who talks like that on a regular basis and has…what’s the word? Oh yeah…FRIENDS.

That’s right…NOBODY. Dylan was just so cheesy.

NO ONE IS LIKE THAT. NO ONE. If I dropped my purse in the fountain (by the way, I’m NOT a purse person) all I would do is grab the damn bag and keep walking.

But even then, she wasn’t worried because of what was in the purse,  it was the purse itself. If I had a purse that was designer, which for the record would never happen, and I dropped it in a fountain, I would pick it up and keep walking.

I honestly wouldn’t be too distressed if I couldn’t gt it out. I mean, yeah, it would really suck, but oh well, it’s not like I dropped a baby in the fountain. I mean, even the bratty girls I know wouldn’t be as distressed as she is. Plus, their high school seemed like a glorified middle school. There were the popular people who sat up higher than the rest. Really? If that happened at my high school I would sit there anyway.

¡Viva la Revolución!

But that’s not important, because it isn’t like that.

So anyways, on to the asthmatic geek. He’s not extremely geeky. I might be just as geeky. I didn’t have many problems with him too much, but he needed to stop acting like a wuss, stand up to her.

Now I would ruin the book for you, cause you wouldn’t be missing anything, but just in case somebody out there actually wants to read this, I won’t spoil it for you. I’ll just tell you this: the ending is NOT what you expect.

But in the Disney movie of the book, they change the ending. And DON’T watch that movie, it’s PATHETIC. Terrible acting…no. Just no.

So anyways, I hated this book. Another waste of paper… It was cheesy, unrealistic, and should’ve been about middle school, not high school.

So out of five faces, this book gets…



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