Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs

Sweet Venom (Medusa Girls #1)


Grace is a sweet, naive, optimistic girl. She’s new to San Francisco, having just moved there. She’s nervous. She doesn’t know anyone, and wants to make sure this year is a good year. She wants to make new friends, she wants to be accepted. Her first day does not go the way she wanted. But then her brother brings home his friend, an attractive friend. She’s pretty sure he likes her back…pretty sure. If that were it to Grace’s part of the story, I don’t know if I would’ve finished the first few chapters. But no, there’s more. Grace sees monsters. Well, she smells them first, then she sees them. Not regular monsters, like giant tarantulas or hiding-under-your-bed kind of monster, but mythological monsters. She freaks out…big time. She thinks she’s going crazy, that she belongs in a mental hospital. That’s when she sees her reflection fighting a monster. Wait, not her reflection…her twin sister…


Gretchen is getting irritated…why do the monsters keep showing up more often then usual? She’s been fighting them her whole life, and never have they been showing up this frequently. Something’s off. And where is Ursula? She usually leaves a note when she’s going to be gone for a long time. Now, that’s all normal for her, monster hunting, being alone, but running into a girl who looks exactly like her? Um…not so much.


Greer’s life is fine. Her hot boyfriend, her social status: the most popular girl at school, her money, her clothes. She’s got it all. Never mind her parents. They’re fine…she’s fine. She’s not going to sob over what could be. She doesn’t need them to be around all the time, no. She doesn’t need them to be parental. No, she’s fine. She’s got it all figured out. She’s not going to be weak. She’s strong. Everything’s, right…right? That’s when two girls who could be clones of her show up 0n her doorstep. Well, with designer clothes, money, and professional hair styling tools, yeah, they could be her clones. Then they tell her she’s their sister and a descendant of Medusa who’s destined to save the world from monsters.

The reunion of all three sisters, it’s not was Grace expected. She expected  a “we’re sisters? YAY! Let’shugandcatchupandbecomebestfriendsforeverohmygosh!”

Sorry to say, it was more like “YoutwoarecrazypsychosgetoffmydoorstepbeforeIgetthepolice…”

Op, awkward.

So, when you read a book where the three main characters switch off chapters, their personalities have to be just right. They can’t be alike, otherwise they blend and mesh, which doesn’t work. They should be pretty opposite. And as much as they were opposite, and unalike in any way, I didn’t like their personalities. They were to stereotypical. One is sweet & sunny, another is hard & doesn’t show emotion, the other is a stubborn, snooty rich girl.

The sweet sunny one was naive, stupid, positive. Everything’s gonna be so great and happy and just good!

Hard girl. I’m tough, I’m not gonna let anyone see my real personality. Nothing ever turns out right. I’m gonna try to be some hardcore kick-butt heroine. ‘Scuse me while I go tell children Santa doesn’t exist.

Snooty girl. Ew, what are they, like, wearing? *chews gum* I’m popular, pretty, I don’t need them. I’ve got my gorg boyfriend…

I mean, come on! Be creative, come up with new personalities! In almost every book I’ve read where the chapters switch off characters, usually two out of three of those personalities up there are used. Sweet girl and snooty girl. Tough girl and snooty girl. Sweet girl and tough girl. They’ve been used. They’re not original. They make me groan.

A little creativity never hurt anyone.

Besides that, I suppose the idea was sort of, kind of, possibly original… I mean, millions of authors have used the whole Greek Mythology thing, which I think is awesome, but this one was more like a 13-year-old came up with the plot idea. (Not to bash on 13-year-olds, I was once one too) I feel really bad saying that, but I just thought the plot could’ve used some more creativity and originality. I feel like this book could use some work. But it has obvious potential. I feel like I read a rough draft to critique so the author could fix some things.

I suppose it was good enough for some people, but I review books to share my opinions, and there they were…

I did enjoy this book, but I feel like it could use some work. I will read the next books in the series when they come out, but I am definitely not dying to read the next ones. I could wait.

So my rating out of five faces is…



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