Eternally Yours by Cate Tiernan

Eternally Yours (Immortal Beloved, #3)

Ok I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in forever. I totally forgot about Finals. I have them next week but I thought I’d take a break from studying (which I was TOTALLY doing…yep…studying, for sure. Yep, mhm) and write a review. Since this is the third book in the series, there might be some spoilers. Although you might be ok if you just read my review and not the synopsis that’s right here:

After 450 years of living, Nastasya Crowe should have more of a handle on this whole immortal thing….

After a deadly confrontation at the end of Darkness Falls, the second Immortal Beloved novel, Nastasya Crowe is, as she would put it, so over the drama. She fights back against the dark immortals with her own brand of kick-butt magick…but can she fight against true love? In the satisfying finale to the Immortal Beloved trilogy, ex-party-girl immortal Nastasya ends a 450-year-old feud and learns what “eternally yours” really means.

Laced with historical flashbacks and laugh-out-loud dialogue, the Immortal Beloved trilogy is a fascinating and unique take on what it would mean to live forever. 

Let’s start with criticisms:

1. This author tried WAY to hard to fit in with teenagers of this age. And it was obvious, and it didn’t work. Here are some examples:

“Yeah. Whatevs.”


“Well, you can freaking get over your lame-ass, sissy-pants, drama-queen self.”

Who, tell me WHO, has ever said Whatevs? Oh, I know I know! No one! Not any teenager at least. Unless they’re using it in a joking context. I’ve said it when I was joking. But this girl here, Nastasya, she was being serious. She was using it normally as if it were everyday language to say “Whatevs.” And the other quote just sounded like: Of COURSE you need to swear to be cool! Of course to fit in with the age of teenagers today you have to use swear words in places that sound totes attitude-y. I’m not saying teenagers don’t swear. That would be the biggest lie ever. But not in that context. In fact, I would probably say: “Well you can get over yourself” right there.

2. The flashbacks were sooo boring. So Nastasya’s an immortal. That’s great! But WHY do we have to suffer through a flashback to 400 years ago every chapter? I hated those. I was so tempted to just skip all the flashbacks, but I forced myself to read them.

3. Nastasya was very hormonal. Every time she saw or thought of Reyn, she’d start fantasizing everything she wanted to do. Come ON Nas, get your hormones in check please. Here are some examples:

“How could I put my next plan into action? I want to lure you someplace. Jump on you.

“Why did he even like me, anyway? Why did he keep grabbing me and groping me and kissing me with that hot, hot mou-”

Those are just two examples but oh boy there are MANY more. Now I wanted them to kiss, oh yes I did. But I didn’t need Nastasya to get all perverted every time she saw Reyn. SELF CONTROL, CHILD, SELF CONTROL. Funny thing is she’s like 400 something years old.

4. She’s 400 something years old and she acted 10. She is sooo immature. I’d think that after 400 years on earth she’d become wise and mature. Well NOPE. Not at ALL. She doesn’t learn from her actions and she literally has more problems than I do and I’ve been on this earth a LOT shorter time than she has.


1. REYN. What a GREAT male lead. I mean seriously you can’t get much better than this guy. He’s caring, gorgeous, dependable, brave, respectful, fun, understanding, blah blah the list goes on and on. I haven’t read a book with a guy this amazing in a while. There has to be someone out there like him, right? And someone like Peeta and Gale and Finnick and Edward and Jacob and Damon and Stefan and ahhhhh (those are all guys from books). How else can the authors get their inspiration. Right? Yeah, right ok ok right. ok.

2. Reyn and Nastasya. AHHHHH. When she was actually kissing him and not just fantasizing I was smiling all stupid I swear. I probably looked like a retard. But they are soul mates it’s official ok I decree it. The amount of romance was PERFECT although I wouldn’t have minded a little more. We weren’t deprived at all. Every time I felt like a Nasteyn (see their ship name I made up?) scene was needed there was a Nasteyn scene. It was perfect.

3. Happy ending. Quite a happy ending. I don’t know what else to say here because I think that speaks for itself.

4. River. River is the perfect example of someone who went through I don’t know thousands of years on earth and became wise and mature. I would think since 80 years is enough for humans to become wise and mature, that Nastasya should have gotten the hang of the whole “mature” adult kind of thing in 400, but you know…guess not. Anyways, River was like the wise friend you would want to have in times of trouble. I was jealous of Nastasya for having both Reyn and River.

5. The name Nastasya. I seriously love that name. I’d never heard it before but it’s just so PERFECT for this book.

6. Nastasya’s getting close to people problem. That was a real thing. I understood that. When someone thanked her she’d feel all awkward and want to say “I didn’t do it for you.” Not because she didn’t want them to be happy, but because she didn’t want credit for something she didn’t mean to do. Reyn helped her with her problem, and I just really liked how those emotions were so real.

7. Grief, pain, love, everything. Every emotion was so THERE. I felt everything. When Nastasya felt grief for everything that happened, I felt a little upset too. Obviously I felt the love. That was great…yup. The pain was sharp. Every emotion was portrayed through the story. Good job Cate.

So overall, this was an enjoyable, good book. I’d been so happy to find it at the library because I had forgotten about the series. I randomly picked a book from the bottom of the shelf and BAM it was this one. I was pleasantly surprised. I had conflicted emotions at the end because I always hate the end of a book/series that I like. I don’t want it to be over but I was also happy with how it ended.

So out of five stars…Eternally Yours receives



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