The Impact of You by Kendall Ryan

The Impact of You

Needing an escape from her past, Avery chooses a college where no one knows her. Keeping a low profile was the plan, falling for the intense frat boy, Jase wasn’t. Yet she can’t deny how alive she feels when he’s near. Even as common sense implores her to stay away, her body begs her to get closer.

Jase, numb from his own family drama, has grown bored with weekends fueled by nameless girls and countless bottles when he meets Avery. Helping her cope with her past is better than dealing with the bullshit his own life’s served up. Determined to drive away the painful secret she’s guarding, he appoints himself her life coach, and challenges her to new experiences. Getting close to her and being the one to make her smile are simply perks of the job.

But when Avery’s past boldly saunters in, refusing to be forgotten, can Jase live with the truth about the girl he’s fallen for?


This seems so intense, doesn’t it? Avery’s past must be something truly deep. Doesn’t it seem like they go on a wonderful journey all about love and finding yourself? Sounds so intense… *sigh*

Well it’s not.

This book should be named “Jase and Avery’s sex adventure: Avery Learns to Open Up! (Literally)” If it was named that, I would’ve been saved a couple hours of my life. I could’ve been having fun with my family. But NO, I wasted my time. This book is a sorry excuse for a book. It was basically an excuse  for Kendall Ryan to write about her sexual fantasies.I suppose I’ve been exposed to so much of this with our society it’s become more “normal,” but at least make sure you inform your readers that this is not actually a story but actually porn on paper.


Some may say I’m overreacting, and fine, if that’s you go ahead and read the book. But these are my opinions and my blog. And even if this does happen all the time doesn’t mean I want to READ about it.

Here’s a summary of the book: Jase and Avery meet. Jase is confused because even though he does want to get in Avery’s pants, she isn’t the normal kind of girl he has sex with. Avery’s shy towards Jase, but her hormones really aren’t. Jase has to keep himself from getting sexually excited every time he sees Avery. Avery blushes. Jase smirks. Avery is hiding from her past, behind a dumpster. Avery and Jase sign up for the same human sexuality course. Jase decides to be Avery’s life coach (AKA sex coach). Over time, Avery  learns to open up to Jase (both literally and emotionally). They start getting closer to each other and more clothing gets shed at every meeting. Then Avery’s past comes swooping in. And it turns out she has a CAUTION SPOILER pornographic past CAUTION SPOILER. Yes, that’s right folks! Avery took CAUTION SPOILER pornographic pictures with her ex-boyfriend because yes, she’s just that smart! CAUTION SPOILER. So Jase does the normal human thing and freaks, but then he gets over it and they finally have sex after another fight.

These kind of books are so shallow, and so lame, that the whole story ends up being: sex, fighting, sex, more fighting, more fighting, sex, and more sex. That’s it. And knowing this, the author tries to add a deep element to the story:  Avery is adopted blah blah and she wants to meet her birth mom blah blah blah. This little story takes up about two pages of the whole book. And then Jase’s mom tried to commit suicide before, so he checks up on her. That story takes up about 3 pages. The stories are so obviously only there so the author can vouch for the fact that the story is deep. That there’s another element that makes this book something special and different. Well it didn’t work. It didn’t fool me, nope. The book still sucked.

This book was just so bad all around. The writing was nothing special. The morality was nonexistent. The book was shallow, and it was all lust. I love a good romance just as much as anyone, but not a lust story. I don’t want to read about “Avery’s First Orgasm.” Yes, yes, that was actually a part in the story. I skipped over quite a bit of the book looking for the deep stuff. I wanted to find something good in the book, I came up with nothing. I don’t recommend this book to anyone. But if we’re talking ages, do NOT read this book if you’re in middle school. Don’t even think about it.

I didn’t like this book, it sucked. Anyone MATURE, and above my age could read this, but they still shouldn’t. I may know all the nasty things of the world, but I don’t need to read about them. And if you think I’m annoyingly overreacting and you like sexual stuff, go ahead. Read it, I don’t care. But even if you enjoy yourself, you will get absolutely nothing of worth from this book. This book doesn’t even carry anything emotionally satisfying. Read it if you want, but I don’t recommend it. Even if you like the sexual stuff, you still might not like the rest of the book, since it just sucks.

So out of five faces, I give this book…



lol bye

2 thoughts on “The Impact of You by Kendall Ryan

  1. Ahaha! This is probably the best review I’ve ever read. You go girl. Definitely not reading that book but I have to say, I love your writing style! Followed 🙂 x

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