Sometimes It Happens by Lauren Barnholdt

Sometimes It Happens

This novel opens on the first day of Hannah’s senior year, but the story really starts on the last day of her junior year. That’s when Hannah not only gets dumped by her boyfriend, Ryan, but she also finds out her best friend, Ava, is going to be gone for the entire summer. But Ava’s boyfriend, Noah, is definitely around–and such a good guy that he snags Hannah a job at the diner where he works. Hannah and Noah move from coworkers, to friends….and one night, to something more.

Now it’s back to school, where Hannah will see Ryan, Ava, and Noah all in one place. Over the course of the day secrets and betrayals are revealed, and alliances are broken and reformed. In the end, Hannah will learn a lot about love, friendship…and herself.

Wow, that synopsis just spoiled the entire book. Why would you even.

The only thing I didn’t know when I read this book was what Hannah’s big mistake was, because I didn’t read this particular synopsis. I read a different one on the side of the book cover. Now if you’re wondering why I didn’t just give you that one, it’s cause it’s not very hard to figure out. The only reason I didn’t guess her big mistake on the first page of the book is I refuse to believe someone would be that stupid.

But if you haven’t figured out what-WAIT A SECOND.


DO YOU SEE THAT? TELL ME YOU SEE THAT. Read the synopsis and tell me you see it says “Hannah not only gets dumped by her boyfriend, Ryan” CAUSE I SEE IT. Who’s Ryan? There is no one named Ryan in this entire book. No single Ryan in all of the 312 pages in this book. HER EX-BOYFRIEND IS NAMED SEBASTIAN. I even went back to my book and read that page! I SWEAR.


“that I’m going to see Sebastian,”

See! It’s Sebastian, not Ryan! Wow, they can’t even get the synopsis right. First they spoil the entire novel, then they mess up a crucial character’s name.

But back to what I was saying..if you haven’t figured out what Hannah did, just take a little look at that synopsis up there.

Hannah and Noah move from coworkers, to friends….and one night, to something more.”

If you haven’t figured out what that “one night, to something more” means, then you’re probably either like 12 years old or well I don’t know…you’re not the brightest star in the sky. Not to offend anyone…I have my moments too. So point is, they had sex. Now let’s take a look at the title of this book. Sometimes It Happens.

I hate that title. It makes it seem ok to sleep with your best friend’s boyfriend. It makes it seem ok (if you’re the guy) to sleep with your girlfriend’s best friend. It makes it seem ok to cheat on your boyfriend or have sex with someone in a relationship.

Well it’s not. And you can ask anyone, and they will tell you it’s not ok. I don’t doubt they had feelings for each other, and yeah sure, you can’t really blame them for having feelings. And maybe they’re meant to end up together, but so what? Just break up with your girlfriend and then you two can get together. Just WAIT.

But besides the bad synopsis and the bad moral of this book, this book was…eh.

This book was basically the exact same as Lauren’s other book The Thing About the Truth. This book was the same outline with different characters and a different setting. The book went from one chapter of BEFORE WHAT HAPPENED and then to another chapter of AFTER WHAT HAPPENED AKA AFTER THE BIG MISTAKE.

The worst part about that setup is that when it finally FINALLY gets to the solution, and you finally have the whole back story, the end of the book (AKA the solving of the problem) lasts about two pages. It usually leaves on a Well I hope it’ll get better, all I know is I have to try. And the reader is left there thinking:WAIT WHAT HAPPENED, IS EVERYTHING OK? WHAT’S GOING ONNNNN

So basically it’s a cliffhanger. Now MOST readers would be agitated and wish that all their questions but at the end of the novel…..

Reaction GIF: don't care, Morgan Freeman, The Shawshank Redemption

Reaction GIF: don't know, Steve Martin

And…and…NOPE…I don’t care

I just lost any and all motivation to actually care what happened to the characters.

Hannah could have shape shifted into a potato and rolled into the sunset and

Reaction GIF: okay, don't care, not impressed, clapping, thumbs up, Conan O'Brien, Conan


I will not be reading this author anymore. She lost me. Awkward…Oh well I’m sure SOMEONE somewhere likes these books…it may take years of searching, but THEY’RE OUT THERE. I know it.

I don’t know what else to say. I didn’t like this book. Bad moral of the story. Not really great writing. The most annoying set up ever. And well you get the point. So my message to Lauren Barnholdt is:


SO, out of five stars, Sometimes It Happens gets…



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