Not My Usual

Hey! So I know I usually do book reviews, but honestly college is so crazy that I haven’t read a book in quite some time. Which is surprising, because you think you’d read a book in college. But my professor only picked out like 7 books (basically chapters) from the Iliad to read which is fine and all, but I feel like I’m missing out. And sure, “why don’t you just read it on your own, Nicole?” That would be so nice, wouldn’t it? If I had the time to maintain enough of a social life without going insane, do all my work, sleep, and eat that I could then ALSO read the Iliad. Which honestly I don’t even want to do. I just want to be forced to. You feel?

So anyway, I realize that my followers (if you still exist) may be confused and outraged (not really, my blog is not important enough for that) because you didn’t follow me to hear things I have to say that are not about books. But, to appease you, definitely read The Night Circus, probably my favorite read of my senior year. Besides Crime and Punishment (I know, I know, me? Reading an actual work of literature and not just reading a trashy romance novel I know I’m going to hate? Who is this person??? What has the world come to???? I’m really making things difficult, unsteady for you). So my point here is that I’m going to say things about college and probably rant, and this would be a good way for you to kind of understand whose reviews you have read. Also, note that you have read reviews by middle school me, and I’m now in college. Don’t judge.

So, Michigan. I’ve been to three football games in the largest stadium in some part of the world (you can see how much I care), and once I understood the basic rules I had a good time. Although the bathroom lines are long and water is $4, but who needs to take care of their bodily functions and needs???? I mean, football!!!!!!! BUT, what makes it all worth it is the “you suck” chant. The marching band seriously has a piece of music titled, “You Suck.” Although, actually, there’s a swear word at the end of that but for the sake of being classy I will not include it. But we sing this whenever the other team does something stupid. It’s really funny and I know it’s mean and all but it’s college football, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I also don’t really have a lot of friends yet to sit with, but everyone tells me to be patient and they’ll come. So I’m being patient, kind of. But this school is kind of a cold place, literally (ha!). People just aren’t very outwardly friendly. No one starts conversation, so I’ve decided I’ll be the fool who gets the ball rolling. On my first day here, I sat in the lounge with the girls in my hall as we were about to depart. It was completely silent, so being the idiot that I am I started laughing. I wanted to jump out the window but instead I decided against suicide. That would not have helped my chances of making friends :/ I loudly said, “sorry aha” and started talking to the person next to me. Next thing I knew conversation was going strong around the whole room. I, am a trend-setter. Maybe it’s Maybelline, or maybe it’s me. Because for someone with social anxiety, I did a good job. And I am proud of myself.

Then later I was walking around in Markley (my dorm) in my giraffe footsie pajamas and Crocs of course, and three people asked to take my picture. Other random people just talked to me. That was when I discovered the trick to making friends. You just have to completely embarrass yourself. Lucky for me, that’s not hard to do. I mean just two weeks ago I fell on my bike and scraped my knee, and most of the time I trip on the sidewalk. Also I say embarrassing things. Or what you can do is hang out in elevators on Thurs-Sat night and a bunch of drunk girls will come in, and drunk girls are super nice, so you can make friends that way. They’re also really funny.

In terms of academics, nothing has been incomprehensible (except Ancient Greek history is a lot to take in), there’s just a plethora of work to do. I’ll probably be super close to fluent in French by the end of this semester, and guys wait!! I’m in creative writing too. That means that I can share some of my sub-par work and it can be your turn to trash my work. Except actually please don’t, I’m fragile. But yeah I’ll share that, maybe. So anyway, yes.

The food here is okay, I can feel my thighs expanding with every bite, but Thunder and Lightning tell me it’s worth it. Freshman 15 here we come, all three of us!!! But there are healthy options. Maybe one day I’ll find out what they are.

So yes, you guessed it, I totally wrote this in order to procrastinate, but at least it got me writing. I’m sorry this isn’t a book review, but one will be coming! I promise.

Bye, (go blue!!!)


2 thoughts on “Not My Usual

  1. This is an engaging and entertaining recap. I loved it. Unfortunately I don’t read romance novels, but I will 100% tune back in for these types of blogs. Miss you!

    1. Aww thanks so much!! Haha don’t worry, I actually won’t be reviewing many romance novels anyway. I’ve kind of grown out of them. Any new posts I make will reflect how I’m moving up in terms of literature. Miss you too :’)

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