About Me


Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m a senior at the University of Michigan, and this was the book blog I started in 7th grade. I left one of my older blog posts (a review of Blackmoon Beginnings) so you can remember my humble beginnings, which is funny because it’s not like I’ve gotten anywhere far since then). I’m at least a better writer though and much less mean. I was incredibly mean, so if any of the authors whose books I insulted were upset by anything I said, I’m sorry!! Moving on…

I’m a philosophy major intending on continuing my education in philosophy into graduate school. I’m also, and this is important for the new and improved blog of mine, a devout Catholic. My passions include the pro-life movement, literature, fantasy, traveling, languages, etc. and I hope to bring them together somehow in a meaningful way. Was that incredibly vague? Probably, but sometimes I find myself bursting with things to say and I have way too many journals, so I thought I’d use this blog one more time if only to express myself.

I really love my faith and how its truths can be explored and found in fantasy and human nature. I hope to explore that here.

I also write music, here’s the link to a song I wrote.

And here’s a defense of the pro-life position I wrote for the pro-life group at U of M.

Thank you for checking this out, I hope something here speaks to you.

Here I am in Italy and Greece!!